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The Toy Shop DVD


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The Toy Shop

Collectible Classics

Apx 46 minutes

Animated Version

Toys come to life in this all new animated adventure. Enter a wondrous world of love and laughter and join a lonely orphan on the adventure of a lifetime in this all new animated tale, featuring original songs and a store full of unwanted toys.

Locked in a deserted old english toy shop, Katherine and her stuffy cousin Matthew meet some very special freineds: Ruffles, the clown who wears everyone out with his old routines; Henrietta, the sentimental hippo whose heart's in the right place but her feet aren't, Clarence, the rickety old clock who can tell time but never has enough of it; Wheelie, a truck without a spare tire, and Sarah, the adorable doll Katherine makes her little sister.

Their fantasy world becomes a nightmare when master Jack, the evil jack in the box who wants to rule toydom and make Katherine his queen, casts a spell that shrinks her to the size of a doll. General Jim, the white haired wooden soldier leads his ratag band of toys into battle but if they can't capture Jack's magic locket before sunrise Katherine will stay small forever.

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