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Something must be wrong with the item it's cheaper then anywhere else.                                                         

  **No nothing is wrong with anything that I sell and it is all new merchandise with tags, packaging etc.

Why is it cheaper then?                                                                                                                                 

   ** Simple, if I am able to save I pass those savings onto you. For me to do otherwise would be nothing more then greed.

What if something is wrong with the item?                                                                                                      

    ** If by chance on the rare occassion I get something out to package for shipment and I find it is damaged or mislabeled or anything that may have been missed upon it's first inspection it will be replaced. I will NOT substitute for something else. That would make no sense to ship you something you did not order. If there is no replacement of same item you will be contacted. I do prefer to contact you of any problems by phone so that it can be resolved more quickly and efficiently then waiting on email replies. This is the only reason a phone number is requested of you.

What if I need a larger quantity of something then what you have?                                                              

 ** Unfortunately I am unable to send more then the amount I have listed. Since I have ALL items and do not use drop shippers I am unable to get more of anything in.

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