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The Wednesday Letters by Jason F Wright


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The Wednesday Letters

By Jason F. Wright



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Copyright 2007

ISBN: 1-59038-812-9

Summary from book

They died in each other's arms. But their secret the letters did not die with them. True love keeps no secrets.

Jack and Laurel have been married for 39 years. They've lived a good life and appear to have had the perfect marriage. With his wife cradled in his arms, and before Jack takes his final breath, he scribbles his last "Wednesday Letter"

When their adult children arrive to arrange the funeral, they discover boxes and boxes full of love letters that their father wrote to their mother each week on Wednesday. As they begin to open and read the letters, the children uncover the shocking truth about their past.

In addition, each one must deal with present day challenges. Matthew has a troubled marriage, Samantha is a single mother, and Malcolm is the black sheep of the family who has returned home after a mysteriou two year absence

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